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The Hutcheson Brothers first studio album is AVAILABLE NOW!



   Behind The Levee marks the first full studio album released by the Hutcheson Brothers. The album contains previous country charting singles Drive, She Don't Know She's Lonely and Sip Happens, in addition to unreleased tracks such as Searchin', a cover of 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite, and a new version of the brothers' Mississippi River Town, and others.
   When asked about the album's title, the brothers referred to their home area, Lake County, Tennessee, which is located along the Mississippi River.
"Many of these songs have been around for years and are some of the first songs we ever wrote together back in Lake County. You can hear that inspiration of home throughout the album. There's a bit of innocence, tales of heartache and triumph, and parts of small town America scattered through it. It's basically our roots in the form of an album," the brothers stated.
   The long-awaited album includes eight tracks. Five songs were co-written by the brothers, one of which also written with friend Clyde Cagle (She Don't Know She's Lonely). The remaining three songs were penned by JMA and TSAI award-winning songwriter Corey Lee Barker, Justin Love, Patrick O'Connor (Sip Happens), Shawn Sackman (along with Barker; Searchin'), and members of the rock group 3 Doors Down (Kryptonite).
   Behind The Levee releases on digital/streaming services and physical form on June 22, 2023.


Sip Happens - Official Music Video
written by Corey Lee Barker, Justin Love, Patrick O'Connor
directed by R. Alan Ingalls, The Attention Co.

*Sip Happens is nominated for several awards in 2023:
Modern Country Song of the Year (Josie Music Awards)
Country Song of the Year (Fair Play Country Music Awards)
Video of the Year (FPCMA)

The Hutcheson Brothers are interviewed on EPLUSTV 6's Six in the City program where they discuss their first studio album, Behind The Levee.

The Hutcheson Brothers perform songs from Behind The Levee, along with some of their favorite covers, on EPLUSTV 6's Studio 6.  Run time: 1 Hour.
0:00 - Intro, 0:16 - Good Directions, 3:57 - Drive, 7:00 - She Don't Know She's Lonely, 11:45 - Interview, 16:48 - Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old), 19:08 - Fishin' in the Dark, 22:13 - Sip Happens, 26:38 - Come Over, 29:27 - Lay You Down, 32:08 - Mean To Me, 36:44 - Great Balls of Fire, 39:26 - Damn Dallas, 43:39 - Searchin', 47:39 - The Way I Talk, 50:41 - Mississippi River Town, 54:37 - Chillin', 57:03 - Kryptonite


Click the thumbnails below to read the press articles pertaining to Behind The Levee and the Hutcheson Brothers.

Jon & Brandon would like to thank:

The Good Lord because without Him, nothing is possible.

Mom & Dad:
Thanks for all of the lessons, rides, the time and money spent on music, as well as any other thing we were into. Mom, thanks for the lessons in compassion and the importance of relationships, and Dad thank you for the lessons in standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to say no. No doubt, this journey is where it's at because of you.

Kerri & Alana:
You are two of our biggest cheerleaders, and we're lucky to have you as our better halves. Most people have no idea what the spouse of a traveling act goes through - early mornings, late nights, studio time, business meetings, songwriting sessions, etc. - but y'all never complain, just encourage. When we have a bad day, you have a bad day.  When we're riding high, so are you. You're our rocks and have been on this ride with us from the very beginning. We love you two.

Our 'Home Folks':
This includes family, close friends, and our Day 1 supporters: Just thank you for your encouragement and your belief in us. It means so much to have you all in our corner!

The Songwriters (not with the last name 'Hutcheson')
Clyde Cagle, Corey Lee Barker, Justin Love, Patrick O'Connor, Shawn Sackman, Brad Arnold, Todd Harrell, & Matt Roberts:
Thank you for allowing us to cut and release the songs you created. It all begins with a song, and that's partly true - it really begins with the songwriter. We hope you approve of the way we treated your songs.  And Clyde, we sure miss you, pal.  We love you, brother.

Thank You To the Publishers:
MC1 Nashville Music Publishing, Introducing My Heart Music, Songs of Hookline, Twist of Lemmon Music, Escatawpa Songs


Alan Ingalls:
Man, we appreciate all of the work you have done for us over the years. Thank you for directing a killer music video for Sip Happens. We greatly appreciate you!

Thank you to our partners:
State Fire Protection, Inc., The Attention Co., Big River Radio Distribution, Rankest Rope Ranch Wear, Omni Tech and Heartbreaker Guitar Picks.

Thank you to Beaird Music Group, Inc. & CDX Nashville.

Thank you to EPLUSTV 6, The Lake County Banner, The State Gazette, WBBJ-TV, Canvas Rebel, Nashville Voyager, Today In Nashville, Jackson: Hidden Tracks, Rt. 66 Country, & The Country Note

Thank you to Country Radio and country radio listeners.

And thank you to:
Lloyd Bradley, Jimmy Deese, Steve Guttery, Sonia Outlaw-Clark, The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, Dennis Gurley, Steve Bowers, Janet Wilbanks, Cassandra Fuller, Thomas Varughese, Terry Bivens, Tommy Exum, David Gaines, Holden McConnell, Ricky & Tammy Gray, Edmund Wiggins, The Dyersburg/Dyer County Chamber of Commerce, Dave Craig, KYTN-Union City, Kudzu 104.9, MISS 98, Michelle Cagle, Vickie Hill, Michael Petroni, Les Kelley, all of the Kenton Dancers, Kim Cole, Wayne Givens, Stephen Furst, Darrell Ward, Michael Ferguson, Nick Vaughn, Jason Bryan, everyone who has booked us, everyone who has come out to shows, everyone who has gotten music and merch, and everyone who has offered a kind word and constructive criticism - we appreciate you!

This album is dedicated in memory Myrtle 'Maw Maw' Hutcheson, Buck Hutcheson, & Clyde Cagle.



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